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Tending My Mycelium Network Bandana

Tending My Mycelium Network Bandana

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My Mycelium Network Bandana

22x22” screen printed Navy bandana.

This bandana was my submission to the Queer Ecology Hanky Exhibit.

"With my design “Cultivating My Mycelium Network” I am interested in exploring what we have to learn from the communication/ support systems of mycelium networks. What mushroom patterns or qualities can we emulate to further the work for collective liberation? Can we come back to a place of honoring mutual support over competition and isolation? Can we learn to work with and support other living species? How can we work everyday to cultivate our own deeply connected community networks and what do they look like? Do we have these patterns within us already? Furthermore how can we honor and learn from queer and disabled folks skills around resistance, resilience and adaptation in the face of a climate uncertain future? "